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 How will the Chlorine shortage impact you? 

The Accu-Tab (Calcium Hypochlorite) system supply chain is unaffected by the national chlorine shortage.



Solid chemical-no dual containment required. Easy to add tablets from 55 pound pails; only one person needed. 


Unlike bleach pumps which require regular repair and replacement, Accu-Tab chlorinators typically require cleaning and maintenance only once per year.


Consistent strength allows for reliable control; minimal strength degradation when stored properly.


Relatively dilute 100-300 ppm hypochlorite solution; more neutral pH (~10.5); less corrosive than the bleach alternative.


The Accu-Tab PowerBase® chlorinator from Axiall is a true plug-and-play system that's easy to install and operate. There are four models to choose from depending on the *size of your pool. These units have been designed to work with your automatic controller.

* 80,000 gallons - 4,800,000 gallons *

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