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What is Myrtha Pools?

Myrtha has transformed the aquatics industry worldwide, with innovative pool design, breakthrough technology and game-changing efficiency. Progressive Commercial Aquatics has teamed up with Myrtha Pools to install stainless-steel pool shells during our construction process for select projects.

The installation timing of a Myrtha pool shell is extremely flexible as the entire structure can be installed at whatever point in Progressive's construction schedule is best for the project. This allows Progressive, the general contractor, and the rest of the construction team to execute our total scope of work in the most convenient and safest environment.

A Myrtha Pool is constructed of stainless-steel and it's key components, including the base frame, wall structure, support buttresses, an overflow gutter, waterproofing, fittings, and a traditional pool floor. 

To learn more about Myrtha Pools and their stainless-steel pool shells, click the button below.