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About Progressive

We build more than just pools, we build relationships.

We do not just build pools, we build relationships!

Along with our selected partners, Progressive Commercial Aquatics can provide your project with any level of design assistance; from providing consulting assistance to your local architect or engineer, to providing a fully engineered stamped design package completed and ready for final cost negotiations. Our experienced professionals will help guide you through all phases of development from planning to opening day. View our complete Statement of Qualifications below.
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What do you see on your horizon?
We see unlimited opportunity...

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Our mission statement is, that we do not just build pools we build relationships. So, our goal is to be more of a partner with our customers and our general contractors. It is our job to put the pool in with the rest of the subcontractors that are involved with the building.

One of the reasons that we are so successful, is because of the way we build the project, our attention to detail, we work with our subcontractors and work with the general contractor that is on the project.



Progressive Aquatics was the smoothest, and most satisfactory portion of our project.  I spoke to multiple aquatics administrators in Texas in regards to multiple pool contractors.  Angleton ISD's experience with Progressive surpassed the positive expectations we had from their previous customer's comments. Progressive proved before, during, and even a year later to be what I consider the premier pool contractor in this region. I would highly recommend the company to anyone planning a similar project.

—  Danny Huffman - Angleton ISD, Aquatics Coordinator

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