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About Progressive

We build more than pools, we build relationships!

Progressive Commercial Aquatics, a renowned leader in the aquatics industry, has been transforming aquatic landscapes for over four decades. Headquartered in Houston, TX with satellite offices in Austin, TX and Denver, CO, our company has built a strong reputation for delivering top-quality products and services.


At Progressive Commercial Aquatics, we focus on various aspects of the aquatics industry, ranging from construction and renovation to repair and chemical distribution. Our team of experts takes pride in executing each project flawlessly, ensuring that every detail is met to the highest standard. We firmly believe in doing things right the first time, as customer satisfaction is at the forefront of our business.


Driven by a passion for excellence, we strive to enhance the quality of life in communities through the creation of stunning aquatic landmarks. Pre-approved by renowned aquatic design firms, we specialize in constructing world-class pools, fountains, and other aquatic features, and aim to enrich the lives of individuals and create enduring community gathering spaces.


With our extensive experience and unwavering commitment to quality, Progressive Commercial Aquatics continues to be a trusted partner for businesses, municipalities, and institutions across the nation. Our dedication to innovation, customer service, and the greater good of our communities sets us apart as the go-to choice in the aquatics industry.

Letter from the President

Letter from the CEO and President

Dear Reader,

Fourth quarter of 2023 marked the first for our newly formed Landmark Aquatic, LLC. We finished the year financially strong, and we head into 2024 with an impressive backlog of projects through Texas, Missouri, Colorado, and Wyoming. Our strength is due to our skilled team members and our diversified customer offerings; anchored by our five pillars (Design, Build, Service, Renovation and Chemical Distribution), but our true purpose is “Customer for Life”. This is the guiding philosophy that drives our endeavors, day in and day out. We seek to establish and maintain long-term relationships, and to adapt to customer needs in every aspect of operation. By providing high-quality products and services with our expertly trained and knowledgeable workforce, we continue to enhance relationships with our customers – for life.


To accomplish this purpose, we continue to combine the two organizations through thoughtful integration, system improvements, and employee training. The Landmark Aquatic platform has expanded its employee base in all aspects of our organization from Operations, Finance, Human Resources, Sales, and Marketing. We continue to explore strategic growth through acquisitions and are hoping to have some exciting announcements in the next 30 days. In addition to structural and geographic expansion, we are proud to announce a new pillar in our service offerings, Aquatic Restoration. This will include slide and APU restoration, bulkhead restoration, and a newly formed relationship with Life Floor as part of their certified installer program. The build out of our Service Departments continues to evolve and we have hired or appointed Operations Managers in Austin, St. Louis, Colorado, and Houston. We continue to add to the Project Management Teams and look forward to rolling out Procore companywide in Q2. In the coming months, clients can be on the lookout for a new updated Landmark website; this will be a valuable source for information and updates regarding our organization. Until then, please do not forget to navigate to our individual company websites and follow us on social media to keep up with our latest completed and in-progress projects. May each of you have a safe and prosperous 2024.

Best Regards,

J. Ryan Casserly, CEO and Russell Leto, President

FEBRUARY 22, 2024

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