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Getting Started

The Progressive Process


The design phase begins with client interviews to establish their needs, expectations, and project goals to form a preliminary budget.  This phase also includes site visits, budget analysis and optional feasibility study. Progressive works with renowned aquatic engineers and designers, as well as our in-house design team to create a series of conceptual drawings for review. Geotechnical reports and schematic designs are fundamental to the budget process:

  • Geotechnical report

  • Project site layout

  • Feasibility research

  • Renderings and conceptual drawings

  • Project budgeting


Following the approved design, our selected partners begin the engineering phase where the design is developed into a constructible project with complete plan sets.  Mechanical footprints, plumbing schematics and equipment specifications are completed and added to the construction documents.

  • CAD design

  • Code review

  • Utilities

  • Mechanical/filtration system design

  • Equipment room layouts

  • Sanitation system design

  • VFD 


Full plan sets are brought to life during the construction phase. From site and soils preparation to start-up and training, Progressive will help navigate our clients from concept to completion.

  • Excavation

  • Plumbing

  • Pool floor and walls formed

  • Structural steel installation

  • Shotcrete and plaster shell

  • Tile and coping

  • Mechanical/filtration system install

  • Installation of sanitation equipment

  • Start-up and training


Progressive will provide ongoing training and construction support for our projects during the warranty period and beyond. This service can include:

  • Periodic site inspections 

  • Staff training for filtration and sanitation equipment 

  • Equipment procurement services 

  • Water quality assessments


Progressive strives to not only build pools, but to build relationships with our clients and support our projects long term.

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