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Quarterly Services

Preventative care can reduce costly repairs in the future. 

Our quarterly service agreements are designed to support your maintenance team. We understand that the scheduling and implementation of a maintenance program can be overwhelming. Progressive Commercial Aquatics is here to help. We value building more than pools; we build relationships.

Services agreements are designed to keep the mechanical aspects of your pool healthy and operational. With proper care, your pool equipment's longevity is maximized, allowing for reliable operation in maintaining a safe environment for your patrons.

Depending on how many pools you have and how much attention your pools require, there may be additional maintenance items to consider. Your proximity to our service centers, the type of filtration system used, the types of chemicals used, etc. can all affect your Quarterly Service Agreement cost. Please complete the form below and a representative will be in touch to gather information and provide a full estimate.

We Specialize in Providing These Quarterly Services.


  • ​Check quality of test kit: include new testing products.                           

  • Full water chemistry work-up with recommendations. Chemistry to include:

    • Total Chlorine, Free Chlorine & Combined Chlorine

    • Total Alkalinity

    • Calcium Hardness

    • pH

      • If required chemicals are on site. PCA can balance.

        • Recommended chemicals will be an additional fee.

  • Check chemical control systems & calibrate if necessary.

  • Clean testing probes.

  • Inspect Chemical Feed System:

    • Accu-Tab & Acid Rite

      • Clean small strainer

      • Check float switches

      • Ensure the hopper and lid are in proper working condition

      • Verify overall operation is functioning correctly

  • Liquid/Stenner Systems

    • Verify overall operation is functioning correctly. Tubing will be replaced in Q4. If service is required outside of Q4 there will be an additional charge.


  • Grease pump motors.

  • Verify that inlet & outlet gauges & flow meters in working order.

  • Verify that piping is labeled to identify function & flow direction. Quote will be provided if system needs to be re-labeled.

  • Inspect lids, gaskets, knobs and strainer baskets.

  • Verify proper water level of pool.

  • Verify that auto filler(s) are working properly.

  • Perform heater preventative maintenance which includes:

    • New ignitors, gaskets, cleaning of burner tubes & vacuuming of debris.

  • Perform inspection of UV operations.

  • Test that sump pump is operational.

  • Verify that sump is operational.


  • Verify that all skimmer covers, & overflow grates are free of cracks or breaks.

  • Verify that all railing is properly secured.

  • Perform slide and water feature evaluation & provide report. Report recommendations can be quoted.

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